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Please Read. )
Be forewarned (and thus forearmed), this journal is a repository of my raves and rants, both on real life issues and on fandoms (and fandom ships). Anything goes. (Don't worry, I will lock entries that I feel would be detrimental.)
If you want to read my stories (and updates about them), go to my fic blog. If you're from NaNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo, you can also add my Twitter. My fangirling, which knows no bounds, can also be found at my Tumblr page. My LJ mirror will be semi-active as I transition between here and there.
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(Sorry, this had to be posted. This is my lucky charm. Can also be found at [ profile] hananiarashi and [ profile] hananiarashi )

Author's Notes:
As part of my back-to-writing process, I decided to join the [ profile] 1sentence  livejournal community, which is all about using 50 different words and writing a sentence for your favorite fandom pairing. Yes, 1 SENTENCE. ONLY.
So it is a mental exercise, because you have to tell a complete story in one sentence. For me, the whole thing is a mental exercise and a jumpstart as well. I chose the title Soyokaze, and it's a Japanese word meaning "gentle breeze". Breeze = Wind; Hayate is a kigo (seasonal word) related to wind.

...she is the precious, precious oxygen that he breathes in; without her, he dies. )


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