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Hana ni Arashi ([personal profile] hananiarashi) wrote2020-04-11 05:17 pm
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I'm always happy to meet new people, but due to privacy issues, certain entries here would be locked. I also will friend you if one, I know you in RL (and you're not the ones I avoid and feel uncomfortable with); two, we share similar interests (and you're not going to engage me in a shipping war because PLEASE JUST NO, and; three, I have personal reasons that don't fall under 1 and 2. 
Be forewarned (and thus forearmed), this journal is a repository of my raves and rants, both on real life issues and on fandoms (and fandom ships). Anything goes. (Don't worry, I will lock entries that I feel would be detrimental.)
If you want to read my stories (and updates about them), go to my fic blog. If you're from NaNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo, you can also add my Twitter. My fangirling, which knows no bounds, can also be found at my Tumblr page. My LJ mirror will be semi-active as I transition between here and there.